How to Make Money with a Digital Camera

So you bought yourself a digital camera for lump sum of cash, or credit and find yourself wondering how you can not only enjoy it for yourself but make money off it. Luckily for you, there are a number of ways to earn money from digital cameras, however, they may not rely on your photography skills or exhibitions in galleries.

That should not discourage you though, as the same camera that allows you to express yourself can also be used for others to do the same.

Things Required:

– a website or blog
– a listing on Craigslist
– an account on online auction sites
– a digital camera


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    The first method of earning money from your digital camera is perhaps the simplest out of all of them. However, at the same time, it also requires a major sacrifice from the owner as well. Digital cameras are always in demand and one could always sell it. If you have not used your camera then you stand the best chance of gaining a high price from the piece of equipment. Having the original box and a warranty are also a plus.

    In order to sell the camera you can post it on different websites where users can either bid for it or order it directly. This may seem like a tough way to make money but if the reader needs cash quickly then this is the best option.

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    The second method involves putting the camera up for rent. Anyone who does not own a camera but needs it for a particular occasion such as a family gathering or event can be targeted as a potential customer. Put up a posting on your own website or on a blog in your area. This way the camera stays under your ownership but can open up a stream of revenue at the same time.

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    The final method involves the reader using the camera and his photography skills to capture events and put himself up for hire as a photographer. You will need a fairly decent camera for this and skills as well. However, if you possess those and impress a few clients than you could be looking at a new source of income.

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