How to Auto-Rotate Images in a Digital Camera

Many advanced digital cameras allow their users to manage and edit images directly from the buttons and onscreen options available in the camera, which eliminate the need of doing so using a computer and an image editing software program.

Auto-rotation feature is a feature that allows the users to compose or align the photos directly from the camera, without transferring them to computer. So, if you have recently purchased a digital camera and do not have idea on where to find the auto-rotate feature, then you can try different methods mentioned in this article.


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    Locate the menu or function button present on your camera, which allows you to play images directly on your camera screen. In many cameras, this feature automatically gets activated right after you take a picture.

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    Once the Play feature is activated, you can check the orientation of the pictures taken. If you feel that any image needs to be rotated, you can use the toggle wheel or the function button to change the orientation of the image, or set the camera settings to auto-rotate the image.

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    You can open the main menu and look for the option which allows you to change the orientation of the images. You can toggle the auto-rotation option on or off, depending on your requirements.

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    If you are not able to find the auto-rotation option in the main menu, then you can also look for it on top or rear of the camera body. Many cameras offer the auto-rotation feature to be activated right from the toggle wheel, or from the function buttons available on back of the rear of the camera. The auto-rotation usually has a curved arrow icon present on it. Pressing it will rotate the image which is currently in view on the camera screen.

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    If you still find it difficult to locate the auto-rotation function in your camera, then you can follow the instructions available in the owner’s manual that came with your digital camera. The owner’s manual will have a dedicated chapter related to the auto-rotation feature available in your camera. You can check the index at the back of the back of the owner’s manual, in order to make your search faster.

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    You can also show your camera to a professional photographer, or a staff at the local camera store and ask about where the auto-rotation feature is placed in your model of camera.

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