How to Combine your Images

If due to some reason, you want to combine two or more images in a single image, then you need not to be worried as with the help of simple steps, you can accomplish the task. For this, you do not have to purchase a hi-tech application but the Windows live Photo Gallery would be more than enough to complete the task. Windows Live Photo Gallery allows a user to edit the picture with a variety of options and save the digital images wherever he wants.


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    Realise the need to combine pictures

    It is of considerable importance that you realise the need to combine pictures. It can be because you want to combine your picture with your friends or it can be because you wanted to combine two overlapping photos. It is mostly helpful in cases where you have to edit the group photo or wanted a landscape one for a full file.

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    Open the software

    You should turn on your computer and ensure that both files are saved on your desktop. After the computer is turned on, you must click on the start menu and scroll through your programs to open the software. For this, you will have to move your mouse to the start menu button or press the windows button on the keyboard. You should move your cursor to ‘Programs’ and it will extend the view with another column, listing the programs that are installed on your computer. You must scroll through the list of programs and click on Windows Live Photo Gallery to open it.

  • 3

    Select images

    After the program is opened, it will list you all images that are stores in your computer. Here, you should choose the pictures your wish to combine. For this, you must find out your pictures, press and hold the ‘ctrl’ button and click on both pictures to select them.

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    Create picture

    After you have selected both pictures, you must click on the ‘create’ tab. After doing this, you should go to the ‘Tools’ group and choose the ‘Panorama’ button and a progressing chart will surface on your screen.

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    Save the file

    After you have completed the process, you must press ’ctrl + s’ altogether or go to file menu and choose the option to save a file. A window will appear on your screen, you should name the file and click ‘save’.

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