How to Use a Disposable Panoramic Camera

Cameras help us preserve memories and remember the good times that we have with friends and family. Disposable cameras are one time use cameras that are best for people who want to cover a single event and are looking for something easy to use. Disposable cameras are also less expensive than standard cameras and suit enthusiasts who want to take pictures without spending a large sum. Disposable panoramic cameras allow users to take pictures with a wide angle lens. This particularly suits vacationers who want to take pictures of scenery and places. Most panoramic disposable cameras come with a roll of film that have a print of 3 1/2 inches by 10 inches. This is twice as large as the standard print. Once you take the pictures, you take the camera back to the camera shop and where the film is removed and processes the film for you giving you the prints. The camera is then recycled. If you want to learn to take use a disposable panoramic camera, our step by step guide might prove to be of help.


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    A panoramic camera is useful for taking pictures of large projects like tourist destinations, building etc. Buy a disposable panoramic camera if you intend to take pictures with a wide angle.

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    Choose the location or scene that you want to capture. If it is a scenery you can wait for the right time of the day and the sunlight angle to get the perfect picture. Determine any lighting needs that your object might need.

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    Hold the camera with your hand or place it on a camera stand. In both cases, make sure that both the object and the holding support are 35 steady and not moving. Any motion in the object or your hand can lead to blur pictures. Hold the camera parallel to the object. With a parallel angle, you can make sure that your picture fits in the rectangular frame.

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    Give time for the picture to get steady and brace yourself for the moment. Remove any distractions. Take the picture by pressing the designated button. After you have filled the roll, take the camera to the place where you develop shots for 35 lens or disposable cameras. Ask the developer to give you standard panoramic 4 by 10 prints. Observe the quality of the print. Choose a few best ones and frame them for your memorable collection.

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