How to Add a Cable Release to a Holga 120 Camera

Holga 120 Camera is a very popular model which received heights of popularity a few years back. This camera provides you more control with shutter speed and camera shake. Though its options are not as many as other conventional cameras have but still if you use it correctly, you can get very good results out of it. This camera is tricky to use as long shots can be difficult but close shots will give you good results. With the right practice, you can add a cable release to a Holga 120 Camera but still you need reliable information to do it right.


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    Shop around

    The first and main thing is to shop around for the Holga camera cable along with other tools and equipment. You need to make sure that you get the cable along with its camera adapter kit. The adapter kit is very important as it will help you attach the camera cable. You can purchase this equipment from different camera shops. You need to understand that you can also purchase this adapter kit from online photography shops as well. It is also very important that if you orderĀ  the required equipment and adapter kit online, you should only use reputable websites that will give a warranty. There are also many websites which will certainly guide you through all the small details about this particular camera and the things required while adding a cable to it.

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    Slide the cable release

    Slide the cable release adapter and try to attach it with precise care. You need to attach the cable over the lens of the Holga 120 camera. It is very important that you should know how important it is to attach this cable with care. Do not let anything touch the lens of your camera as it can get scratched and become damaged.

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    Screw the shutter

    After sliding the cable release and adapter kit, you need to screw the twelve inch shutter to protect the lens. It is also very important that you screw the shutter with great care. Take your time while doing this as you do not want to rush through things and cause any damage to your delicate camera.

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    Camera bulb setting

    It is also very important that after screwing the shutter, you put the camera on the bulb setting. Be sure to follow all of the steps but if you face any difficulties then go back and try the instructions again. Try not to skip any step to avoid confusion.

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