How to Use a Digital Camera with a Strobe

Digital Cameras have made photography extremely easy, but the art of capturing perfect moments by using a strobe flash light is still to be learnt by many.

Most of the Digital Cameras have the flash installed on it. However, using that flash perfectly is also not that easy. Nonetheless, one can perfectly use a digital camera with a strobe by learning a little and then practicing frequently.


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    Purchase a strobe flash light that fits perfectly according to your work. If you are shooting basic shots with the help of your digital camera, the attached flash will be enough to give you perfect light. However, when you are shooting beyond normal shots, then the attached flash will not be sufficient, and one will have to add the strobe flash light. For shooting weddings, one must purchase a top-of-the-line strobe, which can be installed a foot above your camera. However, if you are shooting portraits, then you must buy a strobe with a pivotal head, and you will need flash filters as well.

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    Attach the strobe flash light on the top of your DSLR with the hotshoe, as it will directly connect your strobe with the camera’s built-in computer and will sync automatically with the shutter and aperture.

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    It is recommended to use the bounce flash in the weddings. It is done by simply tilting up your strobe flash light, and it will bounce off the ceiling to avoid harsh shadows in your picture. It will also give you a better and diffused light that will add more depth in your image.

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    In order to have a more professional look on your picture, take the flash off the camera. Most of the wedding photographers use a bracket flash, and tilt it upwards, away from the camera. It will reduce the red eye effect, and will give you more control over achieving better image quality.

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    If you can drag your flash farther away from your camera, at either side of your camera while pointing towards the subject, it will add more depth to your picture. However, this practice will not be suitable if you have not used it previously and will result in a distorted image. However, once perfected this art, you will capture brilliant shots and will be able to receive plenty of praises.

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