How to Get a Good Close Up Photo

With the advent of digital cameras, anyone can take an infinite number of photos whether it is a self portrait or a group photo. However, the majority of these photos are not good, and taking a close up photo sometimes becomes a real challenge.

Artistic portrait photo is an art. In order to get a truly beautiful and artistic portrait in photography, you need to know how to put the frame, observing the rules of composition, eliminating all the excess out of the frame.


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    In addition to proper framing and composition, the portrait is very important emotional component and it should convey certain feelings and emotions for the spectators. Facial expressions and gestures are important components of a psychological portrait of any person. So, a close up photo should portray the personality of that person who is sitting in front of the camera.

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    Photographing the item, try to enhance the qualities of the face and hide flaws of that person. If you only want to highlight the face, use special features and programs such as adobe Photoshop etc. Some latest camera offer wide range of picture art. For example, you can enlighten the face, darkening the rest of the image.

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    If you shoot a person's face close-up, always do focus on the eyes because the eyes reflect all the feelings and all the personal characteristics of a person. Shooting close-up portraits is really difficult beyond any shadow of the doubt. It is necessary to focus on the strengths and hide the appearance of skin imperfections, remove the asymmetry, consider the correct angle and rotation of the head. In shooting a person is very important the right focus - it is best to focus the lens on the pupils.

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    Eyes are really important, as well as head and hand position. Pay special attention to the expressiveness of the hands and fingers. Determine the location of the hands in the picture to make the photo look more beautiful and elegant.

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    The largest portrait of a person can be called a full view portrait. It shows solid and complete image of that person, and here, pay attention to its overall silhouette, his posture, mood, how he/she has put down his/her legs and hands of a man/woman. The entire posture will make one harmonious image.

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