How to Make a Paper Camera

If you believe that your child has what it takes to become a professional footballer in near future it would be a good idea to encourage him to carry on. However, handing an expensive camera to kid is not a good idea and not many parents would do that, so how about making a camera out of paper to satisfy your kid.

It is a common observation that kids while growing up find photography very fascinating and they keep on bugging you so that you hand them over your expensive camera. Some parents do no mind giving them what they want but it isn’t a general practice. Parents usually avoid handing over such delicate stuff to kids and hence making of a paper camera here can be the best solution. Following this simple procedure, one can easily make a paper camera without much toil.

Things you will need
– 8 1/2 by 11 construction paper
– White copy paper
– Ruler
– Scissors
– Tape
– Glue


  • 1

    Take a construction paper and fold it into half in the direction of the breadth of the paper. Now open up the paper and put both ends together in the middle and fold once more, creating quarters, which will act as the outer body of the camera.

  • 2

    Again, open the paper and make a 1 ½ inch fold lengthwise. The stripes that will appear will form sides to box of the camera. Open up the paper once more and put one end on the third quarter fold. Draw a 1 inch by 1 ½ inch rectangle in the upper left corner by pressing the paper against itself. Make sure that the rectangle is at least ½ inch away from all folds. Now cut that rectangle out of the paper and you will see two holes in the paper.

  • 3

    Refold the sheet into quarters after opening the paper and pull the quarter perpendicular with the hole. Now pinch the side strips in a shape of triangles and tape then to hold the quarter section perpendicular.

  • 4

    Repeat the above step to the next two quarters and let the top flap open so that a viewer tube can be inserted. Now to make the viewing tube, fold a black paper to make it a quarter. Mark a line 3-inch long and cut down to the edge. This will free a small rectangle, which will act as a viewing tube.

  • 5

    Now fold the viewing tube and tape the edges. Now open the camera tape the tube to both cut-outs. To make outer lend, cut a 1 ½ inch strip from the black sheet and tape it on the camera. Tape all the remaining paper and you are ready to play unless you want to add more accessories.

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