How to Connect Multiple A/V Cameras to a Pc

If you have a security DVR (digital video recorder) installed to record and save videos from different security cameras installed in your home and you have found out that it has stopped working, still you can record and save videos using your computer. You can connect multiple security cameras with your computer using multi-channel USB DVR device, which is cheap is price and works almost similar to DVRs. Moreover, you can use multi-channel USB DVR to record and save multiple videos from different cameras hanging in and outside your home.


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    Connect the USB DVR with your computer using the USB port.  The USB end of the DVR will be connected to the computer’s USB port. Right after you create a connection between them, computer will start installing it automatically. If it asks for any driver, then you should insert the driver disk in the computer, which came with the USB DVR. Computer will copy files from the disk and will use it to install the drivers.

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    Now you need to connect all your cameras with the DVR using male-to-male composite video cable. You will have to connect one end of the cable with the output port of the camera and the other end with the composite video port on the DVR.  Usually, you will find the colour of the output port on camera as yellow.

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    Repeat the process for each camera installed in your home.

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    If you want to connect audio from your camera to computer, then you will have to use male-to-male stereo RCA audio cable. Connect the red and white ends of the cable with the DVR and the other ends with the camera’s audio output ports.

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    The device is now ready to take the signals from different cameras and you can view them on your computer screen. For that purpose, open the program that you installed and configure the settings. You will now see different views captured by different cameras. You can set the size of each camera to be displayed on the screen. Moreover, you can also provide a path where the program should save the captured video files.

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    To access the saved files, you can go to the folder which you provided to save the videos. Usually, the files are saved date wise or both time and date mentioned.

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