How to Set Up a Woodchuck Camera

A woodchuck camera is also called groundhog camera. It is a system of a camera and sensors that is set up to monitor movement of an animal or animals. Mainly this system is set up for two reasons. It does not disturb or scare away animals and natural movement of animals is recorded or monitored.  It is also good for safety of the person who has been observing animals for study or any other purpose.

This system can either be monitored on ground or online through a remove system. Nowadays, development of wireless technology RFID has made distant monitoring of animals possible. Also, recording can allow a person to record movements of animals for several days and then pick the camera to see them record.

Nevertheless, groundhog system is meant for monitoring and studying in real time. This has helped resolve many issues facing wild animals in natural habitat. It has further made possible studying behaviour of animals at a particular time and in particular climatic conditions.


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    Purchase Equipment

    First thing you need to do to set up groundhog camera is to have all the required equipment. You will need sensors, as many as the places you want to monitor at a time. Also, you will need a control board where you will receive signals from the sensors from there area where there is a movement. Wireless module board is another equipment that you will need to set up the camera.

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    Placement of Sensors

    You have to carefully plan to place field sensors, as animals who can detect wireless sensors might be sacred away. In such cases you have to place the sensor at a distance.

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    Setting Up Camera

    Select a secure place to place your groundhog camera. It should be a safe place so the camera is not damaged and the purpose of monitoring is handled without an interruption or delay. If you are monitoring movement where the number of animals is higher, just make sure camera is protected from them.

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    Test Camera, Other Equipment

    Once you have set up all the equipment and camera, you should test them if they are functioning properly. After being sure that they are functioning as planned, your work is done. Then actual task of monitoring animals has to be carried. It is real fun to monitor how animals behave in the wild and even more knowledgeable when you study their behaviours.

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