How to Use the Focus Lock on a Digital Camera

Digital cameras have various controls to focus than you could ever imagine. The focus lock function is the least used due to the fact that people do not understand it. However, if you have used this feature then you probably know just how effective it is to help get in-focus objects of your photos to look sharp. You can comfortably set focus points to highlight one or more specific points visible in the LCD. If you are new to this, fear not as these easy techniques will teach you how to use the focus lock on a digital camera.


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    The first thing is to turn on the camera by flipping the power button on the back.

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    You now need to switch on the auto focus button which is also at the back of the camera on the top right corner, usually labelled with a white icon.

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    Take a look at the LCD panel now to see the focusing points diagram. Look for the dots which are arranged inside the brackets. You now have to locate the dot right in the centre as this is your required centre focussing point.

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    Your finger should now be placed on the dial which is usually at the top-right corner of the camera. It looks like a wheel with ridges.

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    Using your finger, turn the dial to the right until you hear a click, stop the moment the dial clicks once. You now need to look at the LCD to check the centre focussing point. If you can see another selection showing, turn the dial again until the centre point is highlighted clearly.

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    Once the centre point is illuminated, lightly press the shutter button in order to lock the focus. This will help you in selecting the centre point focus and you can begin shooting. As you press the shutter button half-way, the auto focus feature will be activated, focusing on any object in the centre of the viewfinder.

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    You will have to adjust the focus point according to your specific needs for different shots.

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    The autofocus is very useful in giving your photos a natural look as all of the hard work is done by the camera. As technology has allowed for even more advanced cameras, the entire dynamic of the photography is changing. Learn how to use all the functions of your camera and you will be taking breathtaking photos in no time.

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