How to Take Pictures with a TLR Camera

Twin Reflex Lens cameras may be a thing of the past but many people still use these cameras to take pictures as they have great negatives quality. With a host of new digital cameras and professional cameras introduced in the past few years, their use has certainly fallen. These cameras operate with two lenses; one is the focusing lens whereas the other is the bottom lens. You also have a waist-level viewfinder through which you look at the focusing screen. These cameras were mighty successful in the 60s but are still used now due their great image quality.


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    Load the roll

    First of all, you need to load the roll into your TLR camera. This step includes loading a film of either 120 or 220 into your camera. You can add any one of the two mentioned rolls depending on the pictures you want to take.

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    Flip the viewfinder

    After successfully loading the film into the camera, you need to flip up the waist-level viewfinder. You have to look through the top of the viewfinder to have a view of the focusing screen.

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    Adjust the lenses

    The lenses of the camera can be adjusted by a knob which is located on the side of the TLR camera. In some cameras, it is on the bottom front side whereas in others, it is on the opposite side. There are two lenses in this camera, the bottom lens and the focusing lens. The choice of lens depends on the type of picture you need to take.

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    Set the shutter speed

    Setting the shutter speed is the next step. You can set the shutter speed of the camera depending on the type of the picture. This can be done with the help of a small lever which is located close to the lens. The most common speed is at 1/125th of a second.

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    Take the picture

    When all of the above mentioned procedures are completed, you are ready to take your picture. Take a picture by pressing the button on the bottom corner of the TLR camera. To take another picture, wind the film lever once again so that the film gets ready.

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