How to Load Film in an SLR Camera

SLR cameras are a rare commodity in today’s world, yet, there are several photographers who prefer using an old SLR camera rather than using a DSLR. The reason behind why some people still prefer using a SLR camera is unknown. However, it has been seen that many still like to use the old cameras.

There are several aspects of those old SLR cameras that are extremely difficult to handle, but loading a film in the camera puts behind every other aspect. It is the most difficult thing, as one can damage the film without even using it if he/she does not properly load it into the camera.

Nonetheless, one can easily learn how to load a film in the SLR camera if they keep some simple guidelines in their mind.

Things Required:

SLR Camera
Negative Film


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    The foremost action you need to take in order to load the film in your camera is to open up its back lid where the film has to be loaded. In most of the cameras, there is an adjustable wheel at the top of the camera that is used to open up the back lid. After the lid has been opened up, place the film cartridge inside the camera. There is a special spot made for placing the film. Watch closely around that spot, you will see that a diagram is made for you there that will be showing how to place the film cartridge.

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    Once you have placed the film, pull its leader, and engage it with the winding mechanism that is present on the other side of the camera body. Close the lid. Most of the cameras have the ability to load the film itself. However, if you are having a SLR that does not load the film, then make sure that you pull at least three inches of the film from the leader, and then wind the film by rotating the post.

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    Once your film has been completely winded, close the lid of the camera, and advance two frames of the film. It will further ensure that your film has been loaded perfectly. Once the frame indicator, which is at the top of your camera, indicates that you have reached at the first frame, stop advancing your film. Your SLR camera is ready to shoot.

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