How to Use a TLR Camera

Although photography has been made quite easy these days because of the advanced cameras, there are still numerous things which need to be considered while taking pictures. You simply cannot consider yourself a professional, if you have not spent some time learning this art.

When you search the internet, you will find quite a few cameras available in different price ranges. If you like the one, which produces images in medium format, you should opt for a TLR camera. It is not difficult to use such cameras, but you need to be aware of a few technical aspects related to it.

Things Required:

– TLR camera
– 120 format film
– Tripod (optional)
– Shutter release cable (optional)
– Hand-held light meter


  • 1

    Open the film loading compartment

    Find the film loading compartment of the camera and open it carefully. You will see an empty film spool at the bottom of the camera. Position it at the top of the device and unwrap a new roll of film.

  • 2

    Place the film inside

    Gently place the film at the bottom in the film retainers. The tapered part of the film needs to be facing the top side of the camera. You have to enter the paper tail of the film into the empty film spool. If you are finding it slightly difficult, pull the film forward and you will be able to do so easily.

  • 3

    Shut the lid of the film compartment

    Once you have positioned the film accurately, shut the lid of the film compartment and you will now see number ‘1’ appearing in the window, which means that you can start shooting.

  • 4

    Figure out the settings

    Depending on the surroundings and light, you can change different settings on your camera. It is ideal to place the camera on a tripod, if you are a beginner.

  • 5

    Focus the subject

    Focus the subject properly and then hit the shutter to take the picture. Take your time before pressing the shutter, as you need to capture a perfect image.

  • 6

    Unload the camera

    Once you have taken all the pictures successfully, you can unload the camera by following some simple steps. Open the back lid again and pull the film retainers apart, which will allow you to remove the film easily.

  • 7

    Place film in a dark place

    Make sure you place the film in a dark room before it is sent for being processed.

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