How to Attach a Camera Strap

A camera is a device that is used for capturing any memorable moments. It is extremely fragile as well as very expensive device, and it should be protected from any mishap by attaching a strap to it. Although the person who has purchased the camera will surely care the device with extreme care, there is still a possibility that the camera might slip out of his/her hand accidentally while taking a picture. In order to prevent any mishap, it is recommended that one should attach a strap to his/her camera.

There are two types of straps available for cameras; Loop and Clasp. A loop strap is mostly attached to the normal cameras that are not too heavy and are not too expensive either. However, the clash strap is usually attached with the DSLR cameras or professional cameras that are a bit heavier and are extremely expensive. It is not a difficult task to attach the strap to the camera, and one can easily do the job all by him/herself.


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    Attaching a Loop Strap:

    Grab one end of the loop strap. Now insert this end in the space between the camera and bracket provided to secure the strap. It could be a small steel bar or a strip of plastic with a little gap between it and the camera for inserting the end of the strap. After inserting the thin end in it, pull that end of the strip out from the other end of the bracket.

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    Grab the other end, and close the loop. Once you have pulled it tightly, your strap will be attached to the camera.

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    Attaching a Clasp Strap

    Take one end of the clasp strap, and insert it in between the strap bracket and the camera. You can pull the other end of the clasp strap via the bracket.

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    Now place the end of the strap into the clasp, and tighten it up until its length is adjusted according to your desired length. Once the length is perfect, pull out the strap. Ensure that it is tightly secured to the camera.

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