How to Set Up Photography Umbrella Lights

Umbrellas are used extensively to adjust the amount of light for photography and films. A flash or strobe light is connected or attached to the umbrella holder that points into the umbrella. These lights are automatically triggered in synchronisation with the camera or are triggered by pressing a button over the camera.

These umbrellas help the light to diffuse before hitting the subject, and prevent any unwanted shadows or flares in the picture taken.

Setting up umbrellas for photography is an extremely simple task, and one can easily install these if they have the equipment.

Things Required:

– Umbrella stand
– Umbrella holder
– External flash
– Trigger (optional)
– Photography umbrella


  • 1

    Place the umbrella stand in an upright position by spreading out its tripod legs. Tighten up the screws of the legs into place by turning the knob to secure the stand properly on the ground. Make sure that you have placed the stand on a flat surface.

  • 2

    Now fit the umbrella holder at the top of the stand. The holder has a hot shoe at the top and a circular hole at the bottom. Take the brass bushing, and insert it at the top of the stand into the umbrella holder. Tighten up the screw to secure the holder perfectly in the umbrella.

  • 3

    Once your holder has been securely installed, slide in the flash or strobe light into the hot shoe. Tighten up the screw to secure the light. If you are using a triggered flash, then it is better that you twist it at the bottom of the light to fit in the whole unit in the hot shoe.

  • 4

    After installing the light, pop out the umbrella. Slide the rod into the cylindrical hole that is located in the middle of the holder. Make sure that you keep the rod lower than the umbrella. Tighten up the screw to secure the rod.

  • 5

    Once you have installed the umbrella flash or strobe light, it is time to adjust the angle of the light. Make sure that the light point right towards the centre of the umbrella. A knob is located right above the hot shoe. Turn it to adjust the angle. Once the angle is adjusted, tighten up the screw to secure its place.

  • 6

    After setting up the umbrella flash or strobe light, one should inspect whether it is perfectly installed by taking a couple of pictures. Refine your adjustments if required by determining the pictures.

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