How to Become a Sports Camera Operator

Many people love to stay in touch with sports either becoming a professional player, sports journalist, commentator or sports analyst. In the similar way, many people want to become sports camera operators and desire to set their professional career in this field. However, becoming a sports camera operator is not that simple as you need to have a certain level of skills for stepping into this field. If you have a passion to become a sports camera operator and do not know how to make it possible then keep reading this post which will help you in this regard.


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    First of all, you should acknowledge that there is a cut-throat competition that requires you to become a highly qualified individual having a four year’s degree in video photography. It will help you in grabbing many opportunities to become a sports camera operator.

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    After completing your degree, you should make a thorough survey on internet for finding different training or vocational schools that offer courses to train the raw handed camera operators.

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    Write down a few training schools or organisations and their contact details. Contact them via phone or email for getting information about their dues and courses. You can also visit their websites for getting basic information.

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    Get yourself registered in the most appropriate school that offers courses to train people for becoming sports camera operators.

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    It will help you in getting practical experience which makes you a talented sports camera operator who has a four year’s degree along with skills.

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    Make sure you continue building your portfolio while getting training at school. Record your best recordings and include them into your portfolio which will help you in getting job.

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    Try to subscribe to different sports portals on internet which will help you in finding job listings relating to sports camera operations.

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    You should keep searching online resources, local newspapers and magazines for entry level jobs relevant to sports camera operations like production assistant and control room technician.

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    These jobs will help you in learning basic skills like setting up cameras, positioning and adjusting lights and setting lenses.

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    After spending a few months in these things, you will definitely get promotion by your employers and they will send you to cover the games as a sports camera operator.

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    You need to stay fit and in good shape because sports camera operators are usually required to move along with the movement of players in order to take shots in perfect angles.

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