How to Load Film in a Rollei TLR

Rolleiflex flex cameras are still sought after by photographers and hobbyists because of their compact size and excellent film reproduction option. The difficult part of using these cameras is replacement of films. The process needs extra care. You can do the job perfectly well, nevertheless, by following certain steps carefully. Do not be afraid as the chances of the film getting damaged or destroyed are not greater.


  • 1

    First of all you should determine the size of the film that your camera uses. The size dimensions and details will be mentioned on the camera of the film itself. So make sure you know the size before even start loading the film.

  • 2

    Open the film compartment then ON your camera. Use latch button on the camera and you can do the job quickly and successfully. Do not press too hard or use force against the latch.

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    Pull the pin in the film compartment that holds the film. You should use a knob or any other such tool to pull the pin out. Do not use anything sharp like knife.

  • 4

    Put the film in the compartment carefully. Feed the backing paper under the feeler and through the metal roller. Roller is the film feeler that will advance the picture indicator on the camera.

  • 5

    Make sure film is lined properly, if not it will cause difficulties for the roller to roll the film forward through the feeler as you go on to take pictures.

  • 6

    Feed the film paper forming from the feeler into the slot on the spool of the used film. Make sure the new film matches the spool of the used film. If you have picked the film of right size of your camera, you should not face this problem.

  • 7

    The spool of new film will work as a take-up spool of the used film, which has been used completely, and you can use the new one for more pictures.

  • 8

    Round the paper clockwise around the spool and put spool into the camera's film compartment by removing the knob into one side. Now push back the knob into the film compartment and this fits the spool into the compartment.

  • 9

    Drag the film advance crank out and close the film compartment with the latch. Make sure you pull the crank out enough.

  • 10

    After closing the film compartment, pull the film advance crank until it stops. Now your camera is ready for use.

  • 11

    Keep your old or used film safe in the film roll box until you hand it over to the laboratory for the development. Use of this camera adds to your adventure if you are a hobbyist.

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