How to Set Your Camera for Action Shots

In photography, a Shot is considered to be the single image. There are several types of Shots, which are used for capturing different types of things.

Action Shots are extremely fun to capture, and are not very difficult to take with the digital camera. There are several cameras that have the option of shooting action shots, which are best for the amateurs. However, it is recommended that one uses the manual settings in order to capture the perfect shots.

Things Required:

– Digital Camera
– Camera Manuals


  • 1

    Using Action Mode:

    At the top of your camera, there is a button with an icon of a man running. This button will set your camera mode to action mode.

  • 2

    Switch the dial of your digital camera towards the action mode, and take a picture of any action to ensure that whether you have changed the settings perfectly.

  • 3

    Settings without Action Mode:

    At the top of your camera, there will be a button with the icon marked with a capital M. Switch the dial towards the ‘M’ icon. The ‘M’ button will set your camera to manual settings.

  • 4

    After changing your digital camera to manual settings, set your camera to fast shutter speed, 1/250, 1/500 or 1/1000 will be enough to capture a perfect freeze shot of a moving object.

  • 5

    In order to set the fast shutter speed, you will need to open up your camera aperture. For instance, if you have an extremely fast lens, the f/2.8 and f/4 lenses, then one does not have to worry much about the aperture too much, and will only have to come down a stop or so. However, if you have a cheaper lens that has a maximum aperture stop of f/5.6 or smaller, then you will certainly need to open up your lens to the maximum in order to pass as much as light as possible to get a perfect shot.

  • 6

    ISO settings need to be increased as well when using a fast shutter speed. Camera will be unable to expose all the details even with the aperture completely open. In order to get a perfect result, one will have to increase the ISO speed to capture better exposure.

  • 7

    Take a shot in order to determine whether the settings are according to your need.

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