How to Set Up an Internet Camera

Almost all modern laptops are equipped with built-in webcams. For the convenience of using video it is located above the display, even in the middle of the screen. Camera can be configured as a specially developed for its programs, as well as third party applications.

Most modern laptops have a webcam built into the housing. Users of these laptops are no need for special configuration. But sometimes the owners do not like the quality of the built-in camera, which must be installed and configured.

Means of communication on the Internet has its wide audience. Especially popular are the programs to communicate in real time via video. This will require a webcam and its corresponding configuration.


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    Open the "Start" menu and select the button "Control Panel" (or log into it using the short cut located on your desktop). Double click on the icon "System". This will open up a dialogue box in the operating system settings. Then open the tab "Hardware" and click on "Device Manager." This will open a list of all physical and virtual devices that are installed on your computer, containing brief information about each of them.

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    At the bottom of the list of "Device Manager" look for "Imaging Devices" and click on the "+" symbol to get more details. In the resulting list, find the web camera and make sure that it is working and enabled. You can then set up the camera.

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    Open to work with a webcam to check the functioning of the "practice" and implement customization. Such programs are usually installed with the drivers on the built-in webcam. To start the utility, click the "Start" menu, then click "All Programs", and then locate the application icon to work with web-camera (for example, the company Acer laptops, the program is called "Acer Crystal Eye Webcam").

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    For advanced settings or to check the webcam, open any external application that interacts with it like Skype video calling or any social networking website that involves a video camera. After you install and start working in the background, it is embedded in and recognized it as a separate camera whose settings can be changed directly in the interface.

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