How to Make a Camera Obscure Out Of a Pringles Box

Camera Obscura is, a device that allows a daylight scene to be projected onto a dark surface without using any type of lens or film, have been used to portray images for many a years.

In pre-historic times, a camera obscura was often almost the size of a room. In the modern world, the camera obscura have different sizes, and there are still some that are of the size of a room.

One can comfortably make a Camera Obscura with the help of a Pringles box, which can be used to portray images for fun.

Things Required:

– Pringles can
– 16-inch 2 x 2
– Tiny nail
– Hammer
– Tracing paper
– Scissors
– Rubber band
– Vegetable oil
– Cotton ball


  • 1

    Take the Pringles box, and empty it. Discard the plastic lid. Set the 2x2 box on a flat surface in such a position that one end of the board is on the flat surface while the other end is standing upwards vertically. Now, place the Pringles can over the 2x2 box in such a position that the centre of the bottom of the Pringles' can is directly over the end of it.

  • 2

    Now punch in a tiny hole at the bottom of the Pringles' can with the help of a small nail. Cut a circular piece out of the tracing paper, which should be almost 2 inches larger than the circular end of the Pringles can. Place the circular piece over the open end of the Pringles box, and trim all the edges. Hold the paper in place with the help of a rubber band.

  • 3

    Take the cotton ball, and dip it in the vegetable oil. Now with extreme care, wipe the oil very lightly on the tracing paper. It will make the paper more refine that will help seeing through more easily.

  • 4

    Enter into a darkened room, and point the end of the Pringles' can towards a bright window. Hold the can in front of you. An image will instantly appear on the paper, but the image will be a negative of the original shape, meaning that it will be upside down. In order to better the visibility of your image, one should drape a cloth over your head to shield all the excessive light.

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