How to Take Good Portrait Photography

Taking photographs is several people’s obsession. However, there are many who fail to take good portrait photographs. If you have already taken hundreds of pictures of your family, but have thus far failed to achieve the consistency of taking good pictures regularly, and want to take a good and more professional looking photograph then you must keep some simple guidelines in your mind while taking the shot.

Things Required:

– Camera
– Object to shoot


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    The foremost aspect of taking good portrait photography is to set up your camera according to the circumstances. For instance, if the light is low in that particular area, one must open up the lens for a longer time period in order to allow the light to pass for more time. In addition, setting up the white balance according to the natural light is also extremely necessary to capture the perfect and true colours of that specific object along with its surroundings.

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    One must make sure that he/she avoids taking photographs in the noon. The best time for taking a good and perfectly balanced picture is to take it in the morning or in the evening.

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    When placing your object to take the photograph, make sure that the sun light is not directly hitting your camera lens.

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    Always make sure that the object or the subject of your photograph is comfortable. You must make sure that the subject is comfortable in having his/her picture taken from you. It will not happen when you are taking pictures of your family, but it could become a factor to distort your picture if you are working as a professional photographer. Furthermore, make sure that the subject is absolutely comfortable with the background, lighting and all the other objects that you are going to include in the frame.

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    Once you are done with all the settings, it is time to frame your shot. There are primarily three types of frames that are used for portrait photography. The head-and-shoulder shot, the body shot and the environmental shot. Make sure that you apply the rule of third while framing the subject, as it will enhance the results of the captured picture.

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    After you have made up your mind in framing the subject, ask them to maintain eye-contact with the camera. Focus them properly to capture their facial expressions if you are taking the head-and-shoulder frame shot, and then take your photo.

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