How to Hold a Camera Steady

You wish to be a professional photographer or just wish to carry it out as a hobby in both cases you need to learn the most basic technique while taking pictures, that your camera should be steady at all times while taking snaps and pictures. No matter what kind of camera you are using, either a DSLR or a Point and Shoot camera holding the camera is most important to achieve clearer compositions. Usually there are minor subtle movements we are not aware of like the wind, a passing vehicle or even our own breathing which may result in a blur picture. If we increase the shutter speed, there are less chances to have a blurry picture, but this is not possible at all times especially at night or in dark environment. On the other hand if we decrease the shutter speed we may require additional help to keep the camera steady while taking a snap.


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    Use the strap of your camera to provide support. Wrap the strap of the camera around your wrist and then hold the camera with both of your hands. Take caution not to cover the lens or the flash while taking a picture.

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    You can also use your body to provide support and thus keeping the camera steady. While holding the camera horizontally, make sure both elbows are tight and close to your body while simultaneously using the mass of the mid of your body to stay steady.

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    And if you wish to take a picture while holding the camera in a vertical position, keep one arm close to your body for support and stability with the other arm raised above your head such that it is horizontal to the ground.

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    Try to stay still and stabilize your body. One thing you can do is to breathe out and hold your breath while taking a picture or shooting so there is no movement because of your body movements.

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    Tripod is an equipment of choice to stabilize a camera, keeping it steady if you are planning to take shots which require especially longer exposures. You can also consider using a beanbag as a stabilizer in conditions where a tripod is not available or too cumbersome to carry. Place the beanbag on a stable surface and support the camera on top of it. Monopod can be used in cases when the camera is to be kept mobile while stable at the same time.

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