How to Protect Eyes and Skin in the Darkroom

When you are processing photographs in a darkroom, you need to be extremely careful for your skin and eyes as there are chemical gases that can effect. Some of these chemicals are harmful and can cause irritation in the eyes or ingestion.

You must always wear a pair of goggles to protect your eyes during your work. This will keep your eyes safe from any chemical gases. Also, wear protective clothing when you are working to that your hands and legs are protected from the chemicals. Wear a pair of gloves at all times to protect your hands.


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    Wear a pair of goggles

    The most important thing is to wear a pair of goggles before you start working. There are many harmful rays from chemicals which can affect your eyes. Exposure to these chemicals can be harmful for your eyesight so always wear proper goggles so that your eyes remain protected. In this way, you will avoid any direct contact from your eyes.

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    Protective clothing

    Always wear protective clothing when you are in the darkroom. This means that you should wear full sleeve shirts that cover your forearms. Secondly, wear trousers instead of shorts so that your legs are also covered. Another thing you need to make sure is that you do not wear clothes that you use on a daily basis as stains from chemicals are sometimes irremovable.

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    Use gloves

    To protect your hands, wear gloves so that you can nicely mix any chemicals. This is probably the most important things as your hands are in most danger when you are using the chemicals. You can protect the skin of your hands in this way.

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    Apply a barrier cream

    If you are not comfortable in using a pair of gloves, there is another way of doing your work effectively. Barrier creams are known as invisible gloves but they are not as effective as proper gloves. You need to apply the barrier cream to any exposed area on the hand and avoid any contact of chemicals on the hand. However, if there is still contact wash the hand straight away.

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