How to Remove an Alternator from a Hyundai Sonata

Changing an alternator in your vehicle is nothing new but replacing the alternator of a Hyundai Sonata is not that much easier as compared to other vehicles. If you are doing it for the first time, you might face certain problems hindering your task and it is better to have some technical knowledge before starting to replace the alternator of this vehicle. Getting it replaced from a professional mechanic will cost you considerable amount and you might start thinking how to do it yourself and save all those bucks. You don’t need any specialized tools for this purpose and it would take few minutes to complete the replacement process.


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    Drive your Hyundai Sonata onto car ramps, being created on a levelled ground. Remember that if the alternator of your car has become dead, you might not be able to drive your car on the ramps and have to make other arrangements for lifting it up.

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    You can use floor jacks to lift the front end of the Sonata and insert jack stand underneath the frame rails to lift up the car. Ensure that you have already applied the parking brakes of the car before lifting it up.

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    Begin your actual task by opening up the hood of the vehicle and disconnecting the negative terminal of the car’s battery. Secure the terminal so that it might not accidentally touches the battery and let you suffer severe electric shock!

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    You have to move the radiator slightly upwards to begin your task and for this, you need to remove the two mount bolts before the radiator can be moved.

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    Now put on safety glasses, gather your tools and crawl underneath the Sonata for replacing the alternator.

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    Use an adjustable wrench to turn the bolt head of the tensioner pulley anti-clockwise. This will release the tension of the serpentine belt, making it easier for you to remove it. However, you need not to completely remove the belt but only remove it from the alternator pulley.

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    Use a wrench and a socket to remove the wires harness connectors from the alternator and unplug it.

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    For removing the alternator bolts, you might have to move the radiator a bit to expose the bolts. You can do it easily, as you have already loosened up the upper mounting bolts of the radiator.

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    Remove the alternator carefully and replace it with a brand new one. Repeat the steps in reverse order to conclude the process.

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