How to Trick out Your Car

Recent trends has attracted a reasonable customer base to the car modification industry. Undoubtedly, more people are taking part in official races and rallies and this has boosted the need for car modifications. The technological advances facilitate modifications of any kind of car no matter how old it is. Nevertheless, the most popular cars are the American muscle models that are of reasonable price and the modification expenses can be handled by an individual. Not to mention, the engines of the American muscle cars are so strong that they can handle any type of modification.

Things Required:

– Alloy wheels
– Spray paint
– Decals
– Spoiler
– Racing seats
– Window tinting film
– Body kit
– Sound system
– Full range of tools


  • 1

    Change alloys

    Wheel alloys are excellent for modification as these catch the attention of the onlookers. The first thing that any viewer notices on the car are the wheel alloys. Therefore, it is important that you should choose reasonable alloys for your car. Of course, this will be highly dependent on your budget as you will want to choose alloys which are strong and unique.

  • 2

    Change colour

    The second most important thing in the look of a car is the colour. Most people think of it as something expensive but it is not the case. Having you car coloured is relatively less expensive. You should be careful while choosing the colour for your car as it is recommended that you pick a metallic tone.

  • 3

    Use stripes

    If you do not want to have your car coloured, you can save money by using decals.

  • 4

    Place a spoiler

    A spoiler is a must for modified cars as it gives a very sporty look. Thus, it is strongly suggested that you choose a reasonable spoiler for your car as it plays an important part in improving the look of your car.

  • 5

    Replace seats

    After you are done with the exterior, you must focus on the interior of the car. For this, you should replace your car seats with good quality bucket seats.

  • 6

    Tint windows

    You should also apply tinted film to your windows to improve the look of your car.

  • 7

    Improve suspension

    Upgrade your suspension as it is crucial for your car’s performance.

  • 8

    Service your engine

    If it has been a long time since you have had your engine serviced, you should do it now to have a brand new experience.

  • 9

    Improve body kit and stereo

    You should also improve the stereo system of your car and add a decent body kit that will improve the aerodynamics.

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