How to Replace a Car Antenna

Almost every car, if not every car has a deck or at least a radio system installed in it. Now in order for this radio to work, cars have antennas, which catch the frequency of the radio stations that you wish to listen to and then project it through your speakers.

Antennas are considered to be amongst the most delicate parts of cars. This is because they are easily breakable and in an accident, they tend to come apart more than easily. Some parents leave their kids sitting on hoods of cars or on the trunk and based on the location of the antenna, the children tend to break the antenna out, or pull it out of its socket.

In such situations, it becomes crucial to change the antenna of your car, in order to attain all the privileges of the car and its radio.


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    Solid antenna

    Now if your car has a solid antenna, it is slightly easier to repair. The first thing is to go to a spare parts dealer and purchase a spare antenna made for your make of the car and year that it was released in.

    Once you have the antenna, head to your car with a pair of pliers. Now take the pliers and rotate the old broken antenna counter clockwise until it has been unscrewed and comes out.

    After it has come out, put the new antenna in and screw it in place of the old one by hand. Then once you do that, use the pliers to enhance its position and to secure it completely.

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    Telescoping antenna

    Now the other type of antenna is a telescoping antenna. Now as was the case with the other antenna, the first step is to locate a spare parts dealer and purchase a replacement antenna.

    Once you have the antenna in hand, head to your car. Locate your antenna and based on where it is located open the hood or the trunk of your car.

    Unplug the wire from the telescoping antenna box and unscrew the antenna as you would with the other one. Then replace the antenna with the new one and place it where the old one was located and screw it in place.

    Once again use the pliers to enhance the antenna and make sure that the antenna is in place. After this is done all you have to do is attach the wire from the antenna box with the antenna and you are good to go.

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