How to Check Car Maintenance Record

All cars have to undergo a mandatory testing every year to get certified if they are road worthy. If you are buying a used car, do not just check its mileage. Instead, also ask for maintenance record, and if the owner does not maintain such record, ask for some other related. For example, you can ask them about the garage they have been taking their car to for repairs. Getting the maintenance record is necessary for you to know how many times the car has undergone repairs or how much repair it needs at the time of buying.


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    Ask Owner of Car

    Generally, a car owner maintains a file carrying history of all repairs that the car has undergone, including the history that the previous owner had with them, if you are buying a car that has changed more than one hands. A good owner will always keep record of repairs and let you know even before you ask for the record. Nevertheless, it is your right to ask for the repair record.

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    Ask for Vehicles Record

    You should also ask for the car's record. This will include the distance it has covered and after getting the record from the owner, inspect the odometer to verify it. Although it is not possible to reverse the numbers on odometer, still check for clarification. You can also ask a mechanic to see if the metre is tempered with.

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    Vehicle Registration

    Vehicle registration is another way to know the history of a used car that you intend to buy. You can check it online. There are certain websites that hold the data of used vehicles, which they source through different sources. For example, CARFAX gathers data by using VIN number of the vehicle. It is always handy to look for the information online.

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    Checking With Garage

    If you are buying a used car from a private owner, ask them for the maintenance record, and if somehow they do not hold it, ask them about the garage they have been taking their vehicle to. It is better to check with that garage to know the maintenance history of the car before buying it. If you are buying a used car from a car dealer, you are entitled to get the car maintenance record. Generally, dealers display the car maintenance history on front screen of the car so that potential owner can get aware of it.

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    General Guidelines

    Try to buy the car from its first owner, and if a car has changed too many hands and without a maintenance history, avoid buying. It is likely that you are not aware of the future maintenance it will need, as some cars face certain problems regularly and need frequent inspection and maintenance.

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