How To Fix Hairline Cracks in Car Windows

Every driver knows that the window of the car is the most vulnerable part, because the glass can be easily broken or scratched.

The fact that the auto glass repair windshield, will cost the owner of a car is much cheaper than buying a new one – motivates an individual to look on different sources on the internet. Chips and cracks on the windshield of a car may appear for different reasons.

Chipped windscreen usually forms as a result of falling stones, and or hairline cracks may appear due to temperature  differences.  Such cracks and chips are easy to repair.

Even if there is a hairline crack on the windshield, you should not delay repairing it as it may get yourself in trouble at any given day and time. Following the discovery of cracks or chips on the glass, you should immediately apply a tape on it, in order to keep it out from the dirt because you may still witness dirt on the glass even after repairing the section of the window.

Windshield glass repair is not only possible, but necessary. And there are several reasons. First, the look of the vehicle with a damaged glass decreases it’s charm significantly.

Second, the temperature or even a vibration can widen the crack and it becomes sometimes difficult to repair it. If you have managed to bring the condition of the wind shield to the point of tears stage, then you do not have any option left but to replace it, leading to great financial and time loss.

Hence we conclude that the windshield repair – the procedure is extremely important and necessary.

Things required:

– Grinding paste for glass
– Drill
– UV lamp
– A special polymer composition


  • 1

    If the crack is small, you can remove it with glue. Fill the glue in the damaged area and then dry it by using a special UV lamp.

  • 2

    To stop the propagation of the crack and prevent its spread in different directions, you need to carefully define its borders and then on the edges to make drilling.

  • 3

    Body shop shallow chips and cracks can be repaired by using special photopolymers. First, they treated the resulting cavity, and then dried in devices that are designed to work with these materials. As a result, the crack is no longer visible.

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