How to Jump a Car Battery without Cables

Usually in cold winters, starting your car can become a major problem and can lead to missing school or work. Older cars are more prone to requiring a push in the mornings after surviving a cold winter night. Sometimes, when a vehicle hasn’t been used for several days, the battery losses its power and you need to jump start your car in order to recharge the battery. This can be fairly simple if you have cables to connect your battery with the battery of another car, by starting the car with a working battery you will be able to boost your own battery in no time. However, if you do not have cables then you will have to follow the simple steps in this article to jump start your car.


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    Manual Transmissions:

    The first step is to release the handbrake after shifting into neutral.

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    If there is an inclined surface near or around you, push the car at the top. You will probably need help in doing this, so better ask people or friends to push the car with you.

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    Now engage the parking brakes with the car pointing downhill. Turn key to switch on the ignition, before you press the clutch and set the transmission to second gear.

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    You need to let the car roll down after releasing the hand brake. When the car gains speed, move your foot off the clutch and press the accelerator. The moment the engine starts, push the clutch, and with your other foot press down on the brakes. You need to keep pushing the accelerator until you are certain that the engine will not die again.

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    The car now needs to be driven for a while so the battery can charge.

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    Automatic Transmissions:

    Jump starting an automatic car isn’t easy as these cars cannot be jumped by pushing them off an inclined plane. If you have an automatic vehicle then your best option is to locate your tool kit, pop the hud of the car and unplug the battery. Be careful not to touch the connectors as there could be some current in them which will give you a shock.

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    Once you have unplugged the battery with the help of a wrench, grab it with both hands and pull it out. Roll a cloth over it and take it to your nearest workshop where they will charge the battery manually.

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    After getting your battery recharged, plug it back in and reconnect the terminals. If charged properly, your car should start now.

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