How To Cool a Car Without an A/C

Travelling by car is possibly the most common way to travel in most parts of the world. It is the mode of transport that just about everyone uses to get from one place to another. However, one of the problems that most usually seem to face, is when they try to decide whether or not they should be using their air conditioning in the car.

This is because using air conditioning is no longer a cheap thing, given the way fuel prices are now rising all across the globe. This has led many to try and figure out ways to try and keep cool in their car without the use of an air conditioner, but not many have had a lot of success when trying to do so.


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    Use shades

    Whenever you end up parking your car, remember to use shades. They will keep the car protected from the sun at all times, and will keep the internal temperature of the care as low as they possibly can.

    At the same time, when driving, you could try and use side window shades, which would once again minimize the amount of sun and heat coming into the car, and would hence keep the car cooler than normal.

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    Fans and spray bottles

    Another alternative to using the air conditioner is to get a car fan. There are a wide array of car fans which are now available out in the market and you could easily find one that will fit your car perfectly and help keep it as cool as they possibly.

    Mist fans tend to be the most helpful type of fans in these types of situations. However, if you can’t find a mist fan, you can carry a spray bottle filled with ice water in it, and you can use that to create some cooling mist in your car, with the help of your car fan.

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    Roll the windows down

    The most basic and potentially the most effective way to keep your car cool when its rolling, is to simply pull the windows down. Pulling the windows down will allow air to enter and exit the car freely, which means that no hot air will stay trapped inside the car. At the same time, it will create a wind circulation in the car, which will create a much wanted cooling effect.

    Rolling windows down in a standing car might not prove to be as effective, when compared to a car which is travelling.

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