How to Put Car Decals on Windows

Car window decals serve a number of purposes. For instance, a car window decal may be a college sticker or a parking permit. Irrespective of the purpose for which you want to put decals on a car window, you will have to choose the correct tools for the job and then of course you may have to spend more time than you think in order to properly accomplish this task. Here is what you will need to put decals on car windows.

Things Required:

– Decal
– Mild soap
– Water
– Lint-free cloth
– Masking tape
– Squeegee or a plastic card


  • 1

    To ensure that the decal sticks properly to the window glass, you need to clean the glass properly. Prepare a mixture of water and mild soap and wash use the mixture to wash the car window on which you want to apply the decal.

  • 2

    Wipe dry the glass with a piece of lint-free cloth. Do not use an ordinary piece of cloth because lint or dust specks will accumulate on the window glass if you do so.

  • 3

    Without removing the protective sheet covering the sticky part of the decal, place it against the window to select the best place for the decal.

  • 4

    Once you have chosen the best place for the decal, place it against the window and apply masking tape over the decal to make sure it holds to the window.

  • 5

    In slow, smooth strokes, apply the decal. Start at the top centre of the decal and work your way downwards until you reach one end. Do the same for other end of the decal.

  • 6

    Carefully peel off the backing. Make sure that no part of the decal lifts off the window while you remove the backing. If however, a part of the decal lifts off, press it back to the window with a squeegee or a plastic card.

  • 7

    Once you are done removing the backing, the decal has been successfully applied on the car window.

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