Ways to Clean the Interior of Car Headlights

It may be possible that your car gives a good outlook and every visitor may also appreciate it for the external maintenance. Furthermore, it could be comfortable and well cleaned internally but there is something wrong with its headlights. While you are on drive at night, and the lights are not covering a safe range it could be very dangerous for you and for others as well.

Meanwhile, the headlights of your car have no apparent defect but the impact is quite hazy, it means you need to clean the headlights internally for a lucid upfront. The interior cleaning of car headlights is very easy task but requires few steps to be followed. Here is the detailed description of those steps which can lead you to clean the headlights of your car masterfully.


  • 1

    Make sure that external glass of headlights is transparent

    The very step to be taken in this regard is that of diagnosing the problem that the external glass of the headlights is ok. Make sure that if the problem is external so make a quick remedy as it is very simple to remove the dust, crack or such kind of other material from the outer part of headlights. Thus you can escape the unnecessary labor and hardships.

  • 2

    Open the headlights care fully

    After making sure that there is no external problem with the headlights of your car, open them carefully in a sequence. It is very easy to crack the nuts of lights. What you need for this task is the availability of proper screw which can open the nuts. Then remove the plugs of headlights carefully so that you remove the lights from car. Furthermore, remove the plastic or glass cover properly so that nothing gets any scratches.

  • 3

    Clean the lenses

    Clean the lenses of your vehicle with fiber or liquid. If there is another problem like of filling the water in headlights drain it properly.

  • 4

    Apply toothpaste or other material to clean the headlights

    To clean your headlights properly, you may apply toothpaste on it and rub it in a circle. It will work magic for cleaning the interior headlights.

  • 5

    Use new rag every time

    Every time you clean the interior headlights, use the new rag so that the mess of previous light is not pushed on new one.

  • 6

    Fit the headlights back on their spot

    In the last step fix the headlights back on their spot. You may take help from your friend or anyone else to hold the light so that you can fix them accurately while screwing.

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