How to Get a Copy of a Title for My Car

If the event that you have misplaced or lost your car title, you should immediately contact the Department of Motor Vehicles which had issued the title in the first place. Their requirements to issue copies are simple but will vary depending on the state you live in.


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    Start the application procedure for obtaining a copy of your car title. This can be done through the DMV website in most states; however, if you don’t prefer this route, you can contact the DMV office and get the application yourself.

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    The basic procedure involves locating your state on the DMV website. Select the state from a drop-down menu or locate your state through the map. Clicking on it will direct you to your state-specific DMV website where you will find information and the application. Print the application for replacing the car title.

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    You will now be required to provide proof of identification. The information will again depend on the state specific requirements implemented by DMV. You may be required to enter personal details such as name, address, phone number and driver license verification number.

    Now enter your car information which will include the Vehicle Identification number, model, make, colour, title number, license number. You may further provide details of the incident regarding how the title was lost – damaged or stolen.

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    After reviewing all the detail, sign the application. You may be required to pay a certain fee for the service, so contact the DMV department and ask them the total amount which will be charged. If you haven’t considered this earlier, then before sending your application, ask the DMV representative if any additional documents are required.

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    You can further apply through mail by completing the application, preparing a check for a relevant fee and backing your claim with all necessary documentations. The mailing address will be provided on the application form.

    Most people prefer to file the application in person, in which case you will be going to the local Department of Vehicles office and completing the form. This may be necessary in special circumstances where you will need to sign the application in the presence of a DMV representative or a Public Notary.

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    Wait for the response.  It takes from seven to eight business days for the process to get cleared where the title will be mailed to you. However, the procedure could take up to two months if you had filed the application by mail.

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