How to Improve Gas Mileage of Your Car

In this economic crunch, every penny saved is extremely important and a major way to save a bunch of money on a daily, monthly and yearly basis is to improve the game mileage of your car. This may seem like a daunting task that you do not consider yourself capable enough to do, but seriously, it is much easier than you can think.

As gas prices climb each and every day, it is becoming harder to afford being able to drive a car and the best way to continue doing that is obviously by improving the gas mileage of your car.


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    Planning Ahead

    Most people, when they get in their car and decide to go somewhere; it is just usually whichever road they can find to take them there. Planning ahead for every trip you are taking, especially longer routes, is crucial to improving the gas mileage of your car. If you need to make multiple stops, make sure you try and do it where there is the lease amount of congestion, ultimately helping to conserve fuel and time as well.

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    Take out the Extra Load

    Having extra weight in the car means that it will be using more engine power to pull that weight around, resulting in you consuming more gasoline than normal. Take out all the junk in your car that is not being used and is just lying around. Also, if there are seats in the car that can be removed, do not hesitate in doing so since they can easily be put back when needed again. This tip is very useful especially for those single drivers and not recommended for those with families.

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    Don’t Fill Her Up

    A car can go a lot on just half a tank and that is how much you should begin to put into it instead of filling her up to the maximum. Filling the car up puts a lot of weight on to it and by keeping it at half, you can reduce that weight load by 50 percent, which will obviously result in better gas mileage of your car.

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    Speed and Tires

    The faster you go, the more gas your engine will consume. That is an obvious fact. So try to keep the speed at the economy rate and below 60 MPH, which can help in increasing your fuel efficiency by 30 percent or even more. Also, having tires that are not inflated to the proper level will also result in the car engine having to work harder. So keep that speed down and tires inflated.

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