How To Maintain Car in Winter

Just like our own body, machines like cars also need special attention when the mercury drops too low. Maintaining your car in winter may ask for a little effort and time on regular basis but will save you great expense in the future. Since the weather gets very cold, you need to take preventive measures to protect every part of your car. Proper maintenance of your car during the winter not only extends its life but also reduces your trips to the mechanic. Our step by step guide has suggestions for every car owner out there who wants to maintain his car well during the cold.


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    Anti Freeze:

    This is a must for any car during winters. You should ideally change your antifreeze every two years. Most cars require a ratio of 50/50 water and antifreeze in their radiators. Without an antifreeze, the water inside your radiator could freeze and expand to a point where it can harm the engine.

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    Engine oil:

    It is best to switch to thinner engine oils in winters as it is easy for your engine  to pump in the cold mornings. Change your engine oil at the start of the winters so that you do not have to do it standing in the cold. To know whether your car needs oil change or not, take out your engine dipstick, clean it off with a cloth and then dip it again. If the color of the oil has gone black, you need an oil change. The oil layer on the dipstick also lets you know the amount of oil and whether it needs a topping. The oil level should be between the low and high mark on the dipstick.

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    The Thermostat:

    The thermostat is one of the most important things a car needs in winter. Check the state of your thermostat before the cold arrives and change it if you feel necessary.

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    Wind Shield Protection:

    With all the rain and snow, your car wipers are your most handy tool. They should be working fine before the weather changes. However, do not turn on your wipers when the windshield is frozen.

    Get a winter windshield washer fluid which will prevent the snow, water and the wipers sticking to the glass and causing you extra trouble. You might also need an ice scraper to scrape off the frozen ice from the wind shields.

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    Air contracts when it gets cold and so your tire pressure might decrease. Check your tires before setting out from home. Keep a spare tire and instruments for long distances.

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    Frozen Doors and Windows:

    A silicone based spray can prove quite handy for frozen windows and doors. It will make your life easier in the mornings when the doors are jammed. It is better if you switch to remote operated car switch system. The icing sprays and solution are easily available in local markets. However if you do not have one on hand, you can heat up the key using a lighter or any flame and then insert it onto the lock.

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    You need the internal heater to bear the winters with you. Give them a thorough examination, cleaning and repair before the arrival of winter. Installing a block heater inside the car can save you a lot of winter trouble. The interior will be warm and the car will start easily with block heating.

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    Try to park your car in a covered area like a garage so that it is protected from direct hit by snow and rain at least when it is parked. You can also get a waterproof cover for the car to use when you are not driving it. Covers for just the most sensitive part i.e the windscreens are also available.

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