How To Make Flames Come Out Of Your Exhaust

You have a vehicle and want it to be noticed by others. Installing a flame-thrower for the exhaust system of your vehicle certainly fulfils your ‘show-off’ desires very well but it will also require a handsome amount of money out of your pocket. Many youngsters desire to have this flame throwing feature in their vehicle’s exhaust systems but limited pocket money doesn’t allow them to install such expensive system. Do you know that you make flames come out of your vehicle’s exhaust by yourself? This will cost you less than a price of buying a new CD from the market! All you need is some spare things present in your garage and a few minutes to perform the task.

Things Required:

a spark plug
– electric drill
– two pieces of insulated wire
– an on/off switch


  • 1

    Before beginning the procedure, you have to make sure that there are no gas leaks in your vehicle. It could be really dangerous to install a flame thrower in your vehicles whiles carrying gas leaks.

  • 2

    Use an electric drill to make a small hole in the exhaust pipe, approximately 4 to 6 inches away from the rear of the pipe. The hole you drill should be just wide enough to accommodate the threaded end of a motorbike spark plug.

  • 3

    Screw a sparkplug into the carved hole and remove the tip from the threaded shaft. Fasten the wire and then put back the tip on the sparkplug.

  • 4

    You will need an on/off switch of any kind. It can be a toggle or a push button, whichever you prefer to control your flame thrower. Take the wire through the undercarriage and attach its end to the switch. You should mount the wire carefully so that it might not get caught in the moving parts.

  • 5

    Now you need to provide power to the circuit you have just created. Take another piece of insulated wire, attach its one end to the switch and the other end to the positive terminal of your vehicle’s battery.

  • 6

    Mount the switch to your desired place on your vehicle and you will just need to turn it on to activate the flame thrower.

  • 7

    Start off the vehicle engine, hit on the accelerator and turn on the flame thrower switch to test your installation. Fuel vapours in the exhaust smoke and the electric spark from the plug will produce flames and you can rock the streets showing it off!

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