How to Install Tie Rod Ends On a Pt Cruiser

Replacing the tie rods on the PT cruiser can save a lot of your time and money, however it is still advised to get your vehicle aligned properly after you are done. Labour charges for tie rod ends are charged on hourly basis, and it takes about one hour to replace only one of them or even more depending on the skill of the mechanic.

All you need are few tools and you will be able to replace tie rod ends on your PT cruiser all by yourself.

Things Required:

– PT cruiser tie rod ends
– Spanner
– Screw driver


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    If you just came from a drive, give your car about 30 minutes rest for it to cool down. Park it on a flat surface, preferably concrete. Put the transmission in parking and apply parking brakes. Turn the key for just one clock to release the steering wheel from the locking mechanism. Do not make the mistake of turning the ignition key two ticks as it will allow electrical components to work.

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    If still there are some electrical components working, disconnect or turn them off manually. Place a brick behind one of the rear wheels so that the car doesn't move. Use spanner to loosen the nuts attached to the front side of wheel for which you want to replace the PT rod. It is recommended to work on front wheels first. Use a jack to lift the entire front side of the vehicle such that the tires go 2-3 inches free of the ground.

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    Place two fail safe load bearing stands on either stands of the vehicle for additional safety. Now take off the nuts and remove both tires from the vehicle.

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    You may have to manoeuvre the front knuckle with your hands in order to access the tie rod end. You should be able to do this easily as the steering wheel in unlocked. Identify the jam nut sleeve which is covering the jam nut on the tie rod end. Purpose of the sleeve is to protect the jam nut from elements. Use a screw driver to move the sleeve away the jam nut.

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    Use an open end wrench to open the jam nut. Do not use excessive force if it is not moving, use an anti rust spray such as WD-40 to soften the jam nuts. Remove the tie rod end from its place and install new one in its place.

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