How To Conduct a Vintage and Classic Car Auction

Classic cars are a delight to watch. They give you a feeling of turning the clock back and having a chance to witness the marvels from the past. Every now and again we get a chance to witness some of these cars in classic car shows.

The value of some of these cars is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some people have maintained their own classic cars over the decades while some do this as a hobby or even a profession. There are auctions that take place every once in a while where classic cars are up for sale. The classic car collectors regularly attend these events and buy their most loved classic cars that have been fully restored to their original condition.

The auctions take a part of the sale price from these dealers and make some money for themselves. If you hold these auctions at the right place, at the right time and with the right cars, you can make a good amount of money by holding these auctions. It’s not an impossible task and can be performed with relative ease if done through the proper procedure.


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    Get the Information

    Having all the required information is the single most important step. Know which classic cars are available in the area and who is  willing to part with them. Also know all those who are professionally involved in the trade within a considerable distance as well as these will be willing to travel to make a buck or two from these auctions. You should also be aware if any such event takes place in general and if so, what is the usual response.

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    Get the License

    Like all other business, you will need to get clearance from the local authorities to be able to conduct the auction. They will require certain security and other requirements to be met. Once the clearance has been received, you can conduct the auction.

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    Hire a Professional Auctioneer

    Make sure that you hire a professional auctioneer for the auction who has considerable experience in the field. The professionals are able to present each and every product quite well and in an attractive manner. They can also raise the emotions in the bidders to fetch a better price.

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    Prepare Well

    Make sure that all the arrangements are well in place. Advertise ahead of the auction time so that people know about the event. You must facilitate the buyers as well as the sellers and their cars very well. The better the auction has been set up, the more likely you’ll get more sales and thus make more money.

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