How To Replace a Car’s Accelerator Cable

Car’ accelerator cable is one of the most important components of your engine parts. It opens the butterflies so as to pump the gas or fuel into the carburettor. If your accelerator cable is not working properly, you will face difficulties in driving your car. Therefore, you should replace it immediately.

Replacing a car’s accelerator is not difficult at all.


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    First of all, you have to remove your old accelerator cable from your car’s engine. Just detach it from the gas pedal extension bar which is located on the drivers’ side, near the bottom your car’s engine. Then, remove its attachment from the carburettor.

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    Now, you have to check your new cable in order to make sure that it has any kind of kinks or burrs on it so that it may not damage the protective plastic sleeve.

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    Then, start to install the new cable from the pedal extension bar. You have to make sure that the cable is attached firmly before tightening the tension screw which is one the end of the cable.

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    After that, you have to pass the cable up through the engine section. In order to keep your new cable clear from any kind of moving part, you have to use plastic zip-ties.

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    Now, set the plastic shielding of the new accelerator cable in the cable stops which are attached to your car’s carburettor.

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    You will have to use a pair of pliers in order to pull the accelerator cable from the arm to the attachment on the carburettor. It is to be noted that you have to pull it properly and then tight it well, otherwise it will cause problems for you.

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    In the end, you have to tight the screw which will hold the cable to the carburettor with the help of a screwdriver while keeping it in its place with the pair of pliers.

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