How To Test Drive a Used Car

Buying a car is always a tough decision for an individual. If the car is a new one, the difficult decision is to select which car to buy. But when you decide to buy a used vehicle, there are certain other steps to have a look at.

A new car always comes with a guarantee from the maker and you can always get the car repaired if you see a fault which is a very rare case. However, when buying a used car it is very important to have a thorough look at everything as the seller will not take any responsibility once he has taken the payment for the vehicle. Everything from the engine to the body has to be taken into notice and you should be fully satisfied before you make a decision.


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    Switch on the ignition a couple of times

    The best way to check a used car is to switch it on for a couple of minutes and put your foot in the accelerator. There should be no noise from the engine and the car should be in a smooth mode. Repeat the same step one more time to ensure everything is alright before you start driving

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    Drive through areas with stop-and-go traffic

    The drive should be in areas with both high and low traffic. The speed should also be varied at different intervals so that you can make up your mind regarding any problems. Drive to a highway at a high speed and also spend some time in congested areas. Apply brakes at high speed to on a safe location to get a better idea of the performance of the car

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    Do not get distracted by the Salesperson

    A salespersons’ basic job is to sell the car and for that he will do anything. He will lie to you regarding the performance of the car in the last few months and will try to convince you that there has never been a problem with the car at any stage. Remained focussed and thoroughly check the body of the car to see whether there has ever been any repair work

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    Check all functions

    While driving, make sure you check function of the car. This includes everything from the lights to the indicators to the horn. Also, check the air conditioner while driving to make sure you will not have to invest further on the car apart from the price you are willing to pay to buy the car

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