How to Remove the Ball Joints on a Car

Ball joints are spherical shaped balls which connect arms of the control arm with the steering knuckles. They are based on the ball and socket design present in human hip, and are used in almost every automobile out there.

Ball joint is made up of two parts; a bearing stud; and socket enclosed in a container. Both these parts are made up of steel or metal alloy. Damaged or worn out ball joints cause the suspension of the vehicle to go haywire. This is why experts recommend inspecting ball joints regularly and keeping them properly lubricated.


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    Removing a ball joint is not the simplest of the tasks. Loosen the nuts on both the front wheels of your car with the help of lug nut wrench. Use a hydraulic jack to lift the entire front side of the car. Place two load bearing stands on either side of the car and release the pressure by rotating the jack pin. The car will rest on the stands. Make sure that the tires are about 2-3 inches clear of the ground.

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    Take off the tire nuts with the help of the lug nut wrench and put the tires away. Though we intend to replace the ball joint in the front suspension of the car, you may inspect the braking mechanism of the wheel as well since it is easily accessible.

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    Use a hammer and screw driver to take off the calliper and disc, so that you are able to view the ball joint. Identify the ball joint in your car, in most cars it is present near the upper control arm. However, in older models of cars it is present on the lower control arm. Push down the control arm so that the stud on top of the joint becomes visible.

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    Remove the stud to access the joint. If the stud does not come of easily, hit it a few times with a stud hammer till it comes off. If it still does not come off, hit the centre of the control rod with a bigger hammer, but just don’t hit too hard.

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    Remove the bolt affixing the ball joint with the wheel assembly. Remove grease or any other lubricant present with the help of a cotton cloth. Place the new ball joint in its place and fix it to the wheel with the same bolt.

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