How To Remove Vomit from Car Interior

During a long up-hill drive, it is not very uncommon to witness vomiting, especially if kids are on board. If you do not remove vomit from the car interior very quickly, it can easily leave a very strong odor and stain, which  can be very stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Therefore, it is imperative that you remove the vomit very quickly to control the damage. Keep in mind that odor or stain can have a very bad impact on the resale of your car or trade-in value. However, if we take timely measures, we can surely avoid this situation by using some household products.


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    Absorb the vomit through a cloth or a tissue paper

    Put a cloth or a tissue paper on the liquid so that it can absorb it as much as possible. Press the cloth or the paper towel hard enough to help absorb the liquid; however, make sure that you do not force the vomit into the underlying surface by pressing it too hard.

    If there is any solid material then pick it up through another cloth or you can even use a spatula.

    Absorb the liquid
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    Use baking soda and apply the solution

    Use a thick layer of baking soda to sprinkle over the area you are cleaning. The baking soda will help absorb the vomit’s odor. Leave it on the area for approximately 30 to 40 minutes before you vacuum it.

    In order to clean the leather upholstery, you can make a paste of the baking soda by blending 1 part water with 3 parts of baking soda. If you are cleaning carpet, plastic, vinyl or cloth upholstery, then mix 1 part of white vinegar with 8 parts of warm water. Stir it thoroughly after adding 1 & ½ table spoon of dishwashing liquid.

    Apply the above-mentioned solution to the area affected by vomit and use a lint-free cloth to scrub it properly. Use a hard-bristle brush if the stain has gone through the carpet of the car. The quantity of the solution applied on the area should be balanced. If you use excessive solution, it will be hard for you to remove it while cleaning.

    In order to remove the cleaning solution, use a damp lint-free cloth. However, do ensure that it is not wet. Clean the cloth upholstery, vinyl, carpet or plastic with a wet cloth. Use a quirt bottle for rinsing in case of excessive solution.

    Baking soda
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    Dry the cleaned area

    Once the solution is removed, you need to clean the area once again with a dry lint-free cloth. After that, you need to open the car windows for a while so that air can dry up the vomit affected area.

    Dry the area

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