How To Fix a Car Dent with Dry Ice

Accidents happen every day and the cost of living is inflating every second. It is difficult to allocate the amount for the repairs and renewals for the car you own especially when you belong to the middle class family and are stuck with the major issue of financial crisis. Hence, visiting an auto repair for a small problem can always rip off your monthly budget and force you to cut down spending on something more important like food and fruits. However, you sure can save yourself a lot of hassle by visiting an auto repair and telling him your problem, sitting at the office while your car is being mended or you can take the tough way out by doing some hard work at your garage and forgo watching some serials or movies on weekends. The choice is yours; first one will rip your pocket but you won’t have to move a muscle while the second one will keep your initial budget intact and also help you burn some extra fat that is piled up by sitting for nine hours at your work station in the office. A small dent can easily be fixed by you without any technical information and just dry ice. Moreover, it will keep the paint of the car intact as well and save you a lot of dollars that you can consume with your date or wife later on.


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    Dry ice releases carbon dioxide when it melts so you better not work in an area where there are no ventilation because you can be suffocated. It can explode as well and can cause a lot of health issues if not contained in an insulated container so better watch it before moving on.

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    Heat the area of the dent with any method you like but make sure that when you apply the dry ice to the dent, it is well warm otherwise your whole time will be wasted and you will reap no positive results. You can use sunlight for heating purposes as well.

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    Dry ice can easily freeze your skin so don’t make a fool of yourself by not wearing cotton gloves and always keep a towel to handle the piece of dry ice.

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    When the dent is heated, cool it by applying the dry ice and it will slowly ‘pop up’ the damage to its original location and your car will give the old look.

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