How to Donate a Car for Charity

Giving to the less fortunate is indeed an act of kindness and generosity. It is something we all should engage in within our own capacity as a way of showing our gratitude for all the blessings we have received.

Some people are kind enough to donate their valuables such as vehicles for the greater good. Donating a car is something that is noble but should be done in a proper manner to make sure that the maximum usefulness can be achieved by those in need.

There are some simple things to keep in mind when you donate your car. Taking a bit of extra pain can make sure that the money lands in the right hands.


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    Find a Good Charity

    There are many charities that are available and will gladly take your car but be sure that you give it to the right guys. Do some research and check online for details of each charity. Select a charity that will give the maximum amount that is had from the sale of the car to the causes. Many charities only pay a certain percentage of the total amount had from the sale of the car or other valuable products.

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    Deliver Personally

    Make sure that you deliver your car personally so that the charity does not have to pay someone to get it from your house. This will further add to the charity you decided to give your car away to.  Also avoid middlemen in such works as they too can charge pretty hefty amounts from these organisations for their services.

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    Check with Local Authorities

    Do check with your local authorities on the procedures. This will allow you to know if you need to do any additional paperwork while you donate your car. Generally they will require that you take a certificate from the charity if the car has a value greater than $500.

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    Get a Receipt

    Once you donate, get a receipt from the charity that you have given the car. They will ascertain the value of the vehicle and will give you a certificate stating the donation and its value. This certificate can be presented for the purposes of tax exemption at the end of the fiscal year and the amount equal to the value of the car will be the amount that you can claim as a deductible from your taxable income.

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