How to Push Start an Automatic Car

If not taken proper care, your car’s battery might go out anytime. Once your car’s battery dies, you won’t be able to start it up with ignition. For the standard manual cars, it is relatively easier to get a push start in case of a dead battery. All you need is to roll your car downhill or being pushed by a couple of men and popping the clutch to get a push start. However, the automatic transmission cars do not have clutch and need to be push started in a different manner.


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    You will require a jump starter pack for starting your automatic car with a dead battery. Open up the hood of your car and retrieve that starter pack.

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    The starter pack needs to be charged by plugging it in and you can see a life indicator on it, which denotes the life of the pack.

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    Now carefully affix the red clamps of the starter pack to the positive terminal of your car’s battery. Normally you can find the battery in the engine compartment. However, in some models, the battery is not located in the engine terminal and you have to look for the positive jump start post instead. You can use the owner’s manual for locating the exact position of the battery or the jump start post.

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    Once you have attached the positive terminal, attach the black clamp of the starter pack to the negative terminal of the battery. You will only attach the black clamp to the negative terminal of the battery if the starter pack has an on/off switch within it. If no switch is present on the starter pack, connecting it to the negative terminal might result in sparking. It is better to attach the black clamp to a non-moving metal piece, relatively further away from the battery, in that case.

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    Check out the path of wires of starter pack and ensure they are not in the way of any moving part of the engine. Otherwise they might be damaged by entangling with the moving parts of the engine.

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    Turn on the switch of the jump starter pack (if it posses one) and start up your car. The electric charge stored in the starter pack will ensure the car’s battery has enough power to start up your car.

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    When your car is started, turn off the starter pack switch and take off the wires attached to the battery terminals, starting with the black clamp and then the red one.

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