How To Change Your Spark Plug Wire

Spark plug wires transfer the voltage difference created by the spark plugs to the combustion chamber. Due to the constant transfer of high voltage spikes through the wires, they get worn out and their resistance starts increasing with the passage of time. A time comes when the resistance levels cross the permissible mark which prevents any flow of electricity through the spark plug wires.

A faulty spark plug wire means less electric current reaches the combustion chamber which in turn means incomplete combustion of gasoline inside the chamber.

Spark plug wires have a protective shield surrounding them, and if it gets damaged due to excessive heat generated due to resistance, it’s time to replace your spark plug wires.


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    Buy a set of spark plug wires at a nearby hardware store. There are multiple spark plugs present in the car depending on the make and model of the engine. It may be possible that only one spark plug wire needs replacement so pop the hood and inspect the wires carefully before paying a visit to the store.

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    Open and lift the hood of your car. The hood lever is located on the lower right hand side of the dashboard. Locate the spark plugs under the hood and the find the spark plug wires attached to them. Take off one spark plug wire by holding it with the black leather cushion provided at its base.

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    You may also use a plug wire puller for this purpose. Note the length of each wire as the replacement wires needs to be of the exact length. Also jot down the wire configuration on a piece of paper, because if you accidentally connect the wires in a wrong spot it will cause the engine to misfire.

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    It is recommended to take off one wire at a time and replace it before moving on to the next one. Connect one end of the new spark plug wire to the spark plug and other end to the distributor. There should be a small pop sound when the wire fits in properly.

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    Replace all the wires following the same procedure and remember that the spark plugs needs to be connected with the specific cylinders, so double-check the sequence of the wires again.

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