Top 10 Automobile Companies in the World

The competition in the automobile market is currently increasing by the minute. Car brands are taking full advantage of globalization and are letting themselves known throughout the world. This is the reason why several cars have taken the world by storm in terms of brands and brand loyalty. The reason is that they are reshaping themselves time and time again to give their customers the perfect experience.


  • 1

    SAIC Motors

    The market value of SAIC motors is currently $27.7 billion. They make at least $75 billion revenue in a year. This means that they make at least $3.3 billion profit. It is the leading Chinese manufacturer.

  • 2

    General Motors

    This company has moved down in terms of ranking over the years. However, it still hasn’t lost its touch. The turbulent times this company went through does not mean it has lost a commanding position in the automobile industry.

  • 3

    Hyundai Motors

    Hyundai has managed to improve a lot over the years. Their market value has increased to $41.5 billion. They make at least $75 billion revenue, which gives them a $7.6 billion profit.

  • 4

    Nissan Motors

    This company has made a significant impact in Asia. It has mastered itself in small car hatchback segment. This, in return, gave it a $43.4 billion market value.

  • 5

    Ford Motor

    Yes, the famous Ford Motor is still up and running and is one of the best automobile brands in the world. Its current market value is $51.8 billion.

  • 6

    BMW Group

    Who doesn’t know about the powerful BMW? The market value of this brand is $60 billion. It has sports couple, convertibles and even SUVs to offer. Probably the most recognizable premium brands.

  • 7


    One of the most popular and coveted brands in the world. It is still a status symbol for the rich. The market value of this particular brand is $61.4 billion.

  • 8

    Honda Motor

    With a market value of $72.4 billion, revenue at $96 billion and profit at $2.6 billion, Honda Motors is still a brilliantly recognized brand in the world. It manages to make high quality, yet affordable cars.

  • 9


    The brilliant portfolio of VW cars makes it one of the most popular brands of its kind. Its estimated market value is currently $94.4 billion. German cars never fail to impress anyone.

  • 10

    Toyota Motors

    Without a doubt one of the best automobile companies in the world. Why? It’s because of its cheap price and the quality it offers in return. The estimated worth of this brand is $167.2 billion.

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