How To Compare Synthetic Versus Regular Oil

You may have grown tired of the question “Synthetic or Regular oil” the moment you walk into an oil changing shop. Synthetic oil is made up of chemical compounds that are artificially generated or synthesized, hence the name synthetic oil. It uses modified petroleum products as its raw material in place of the ‘crude oil’ which is the basic raw material for the regular motor oil.

Both these oils serve the purpose of lubrication of various internal parts of a combustion engine. But synthetic oil is way better than the traditional motor oil when it comes to performance, there is no question about its superiority over the regular motor oil, however, it is about twice as expensive as the regular motor oil.

So the question should be rephrased to “Is it viable to pay so much extra money for just engine oil”? There cannot be a straight yes or a no answers to this, as there are so many factors involved in the whole equation.


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    Conventional Motor Oil

    The conventional engine oil is the regular motor oil which is created from raw petroleum products. Regular oil is more viscous than synthetic oil; some people may argue that viscosity is useful for the long running of the engine but it is not entirely true. Regular oil performance also dips sharply in tough weather conditions; sometimes the engine even fails to get going in extreme temperature zones. Moreover, mineral oil contains some pollutants which forms a paste called ‘sludge’ inside the engine.

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    Synthetic Motor Oil

    As discussed, synthetic motor oil is generated by the use of artificially created chemical products and has been specially designed to be used as a lubricant in engines. So obviously it gives better results than the regular motor oil as far as the lubrication is concerned.

    Not only do the synthetic oil improve the efficiency of the engine, it is also more environment friendly than regular motor oil.

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    Synthetic mixtures

    These blends have been created by mixing both engine oils together in order to extract the best of them into one single product. Most of these blends use more quantity of the conventional motor oil than synthetic oil. These mixtures are slightly cheaper than synthetic oils and experts believe them to be the most viable option of the above three.

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