How to Buy a Car in Chile

Cars are an important part of our daily life and if you are going to visit Chile you will need to purchase or rent a car during some stage of your stay there. Cars are not very cheap in Chile and you will be required to spend a lot of time to make the right choice. There are numerous types of cars available in the market but you should buy the one that suits your personal needs.

This article gives an insight on how to engage various resources while looking for a car in Chile, and the per-requisites required for it.


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    Make sure you have a valid international license. People with a valid driving license are allowed to drive for six months according to the traffic laws in the country. After that you will have to get the license renewed.

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    Consider taking some time out to determine your budget and requirements. Prepare a list of cars that you may be interested in. Make sure these cars are within your price range. Read motor vehicle magazine and newspapers to stay up to date on new car model arrivals. It is also recommended to talk to your friends and talk to experienced people on automobile forums and internet. Also determine the method you will choose to pay for the car. Do your research on financing options before paying the token money.

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    Next decide if you want to buy a new or old car. For those who have specific make and model in their mind, they can directly contact the dealers in their region to find out if there are any cars available for viewing.

    Sometimes you will be required to make an appointment with the dealer to view the available cars. Navigate to local automobile websites that sell and buy used cars.

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    Find deals in the newspaper classified section. Most people publish their ads on Sundays and annual holidays. Take a test drive to make sure the car is in good condition. Check the engine, Mobil oil and tires on the vehicle.

    Take your time to be sure about the performance and design of the car.

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